We offer you a complete package of services for the clothing industry: pattern constructions, pattern modifications, gradings / pattern multiplications, pattern frames / plotters, calculation of material and auxiliary consumption.

Pattern Stefi`s Patterns S.R.L. Romania

We offer a wide assortment of patterns for various clothing articles

Patterns for women`s clothing

Women's clothing

Jacket, sweater, jerkin, coat, trouser, skirt, dress, blouse, shirt, top, overalls and more others.

Patterns for men clothing

Casual clothing for men

Casual jacket, cloak, coat jacket, coat, trouser, shirt and much more.

Patterns for children clothing

Children's clothing

Jacket, coat, towel, dress, short / long trouser, overalls and more others.

Patterns for Special and sport equipment

Special and sport equipment

Working overalls, work uniforms, sweatshirt, ladies / men exercise training, T-shirt and more others.

The quality of our services defines us 

We have over 15 years of experience in the clothing industry 

Projection Services

Projection Services

Grading / Multiplication Printing and Digitization

Grading / Multiplication Printing and Digitization

Plotting patterns and markers

Plotting patterns and markers

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